Important considerations for QAI Workshop 2023 speakers and attendees:


Time (PDT)TitleSpeakerAffiliationIn-Person / Virtual
10:00 AM - 10:06 AMWelcome to Session 1!Prasanna DateOak Ridge National Laboratory, United StatesIn-Person
10:06 AM - 10:20 AMGeneralization Equations for Quantum Machine Learning: Aleatory-Epistemic DecompositionNageswara S. V. RaoOak Ridge National Laboratory, United StatesIn-Person
10:20 AM - 10:34 AMInformation Scrambling for Navigating the Learning Landscape of a Quantum Machine Learning ModelSabre KaisPurdue University, United StatesIn-Person
10:34 AM - 10:48 AMThe Effect of Data Encoding on Quantum CNNsNermine ChaabaniFraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems, GermanyVirtual
10:48 AM - 11:02 AMApproximate State Preparation for Efficient and Robust Quantum Machine LearningMaxwell WestThe University of Melbourne, AustraliaVirtual
11:02 AM - 11:16 AMMachine Learning for Practical Quantum Error MitigationHaoran LiaoIBM Quantum, United StatesIn-Person
11:16 AM - 11:30 AMQuantum Reinforcement Learning to Solve A Stochastic Frozen Lake and the Impact of Architectural ChoicesTheodora-Augustina DraganFraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems, GermanyVirtual
11:30 AM - 1:00 PMBreak
1:00 PM - 1:06 PMWelcome to Session 2!Kathleen HamiltonOak Ridge National Laboratory, United StatesIn-Person
1:06 PM - 1:20 PMTraining an Image Classification Algorithm on Trapped-Ion Quantum ComputersJason IaconisIonQ, United StatesIn-Person
1:20 PM - 1:34 PMEnhancing Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks through Classical Pre-training and Adversarial Robustness EvaluationAmena KhatunCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, AustraliaVirtual
1:34 PM - 1:48 PMA Scalable Algorithm for Generative Modelling with Near-Term Photonic Quantum ProcessorsWilliam R. ClementsORCA Computing, EnglandIn-Person
1:48 PM - 2:02 PMFast Training of Fully-Connected Boltzmann Machines on an Adiabatic Quantum ComputerLorenzo RocuttoNational Research Council, ItalyIn-Person
2:02 PM - 2:16 PMSupport Vector Machine on an Adiabatic Quantum ComputerDong Jun WounUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville, United StatesIn-Person
2:16 PM - 2:30 PMTime Series Prediction using Quantum Neural Network and Deep Learning AlgorithmsVaidik SharmaBirla Institute of Technology and Science, IndiaVirtual
2:30 PM - 3:00 PMBreak
3:00 PM - 3:06 PMWelcome to Session 3!Andrea DelgadoOak Ridge National Laboratory, United StatesIn-Person
3:06 PM - 3:20 PMClassification of Gravitational Waves Using Neural Networks on Quantum ComputersMaria-Catalina IsfanInstitute of Space Science, RomaniaIn-Person
3:20 PM - 3:34 PMFrom Particles to Profits: Harnessing the Power of Quantum Computing to Perform Multidimensional Integrals in Physics and FinanceDaniel E. MolinaUniversity of Southern California, United StatesIn-Person
3:34 PM - 3:48 PMMulticlass classification of medical reports with Quantum Natural Language Processing modelsEduardo A. Coello PerezOak Ridge National Laboratory, United StatesIn-Person
3:48 PM - 4:02 PMA Max K-Cut implementation for QAOA in the measurement based quantum computing formalismSebastiano CorliNational Research Council, ItalyIn-Person
4:02 PM - 4:16 PMInvestigation of QML algorithms for Surface Defect DetectionRut LineswalaBosonQ Psi Corporation, United StatesIn-Person
4:16 PM - 4:30 PMQuantum Classical Algorithm for the Study of Phase Transitions in the Hubbard Model via Dynamical Mean-Field TheoryAnshumitra BaulLouisiana State University, United StatesIn-Person